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Your Voice In The Church

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The Free Church of Scotland's Communications Oversight Group (COG) has commissioned a survey, the largest undertaken by the denomination, to garner opinions on communication from everyone connected with the Church.

Available from October 1st, the anonymous short survey will seek to find out what information people would like to receive from the central office and in what form. People will also have the opportunity to share their opinion on how the denomination engages with the wider public.

COG member Rev. Thomas Davis said, "We believe that communication is a massively important part of church life, but we also feel that it is an area in which we really want and need to improve. To do that, we need to hear from the people in our congregations, so the Your Voice in the Church survey is a fantastic opportunity for people to tell us what they think of the communications in our church, both good and bad."

"We have never done this before, but it is a really exciting opportunity to gather the information we need to try and improve the way we communicate, both with ourselves and with the wider world, so that our communications are always God honouring. However, it will only be successful if we get a good response from across the whole denomination."

"So whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever your connection to the church, please complete the survey. We need to know what you think."

The online survey can be filled out here:

If you subscribe to The Record, you will find the survey included in the October edition. You can submit this to the address provided.

Paper copies will be available from your local congregation upon request.