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An Introduction to "Postie's Corner

My name is Alistair and I was asked recently to write down some of my experiences as a postie in the Highlands for the website of my local church. ("postie" is a "mailman" in the US). What follows then, is mainly a series of simple observations gleaned from my daily rounds on the job.


At first, I was somewhat reluctant as I wasn't sure where to go with the idea, but I've read many stories over the years from people in many other walks of life, but never before a Highland postie. Of course, it may well be that someone else has written a similar series, after all, there are over 140,000 of us in the UK. However, having had a good old think about it, I have decided that I am now - ready to deliver ;-)

So, over the coming weeks, I'll be writing some thoughts on the life and the day of a rural postman in the far reaches of the very northern part of UK Britain today. I hope you'll join me on my rounds. I'm sure you won't find the journey disappointing - it may even take you to places you've never visited before....

Alistair Jack,
Helmsdale. July 1st 2018

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1. The Gift

2. Good News

​3. ​You've Been Framed

​4. Joy

5. Special Delivery No. 1

6. Special Delivery No. 2

7. Morning View

8. Happiness

9. You Are Being Watched

10. The Stamp

11. Keep Safe...

12. Trusted

13. Communication

14. Redirection

15. The Idyllic Life

16. What Are You Thinking?

17. Pictures Of Peace

18. The Long Silence

19. Ten Reasons I Never Wash

20 The Titanic's Last Hero