Helmsdale Free Church

"Our Mission is to be followers of Jesus and joyfully share the good news of Jesus Christ with the people of Helmsdale and beyond.”

​Kenya Mission 2016 (3)

​We visited all the church plants, and we held leadership meetings and trainings in all of these churches.

We also went to visit a local school for girls that featured on BBC news, regarding FGM. It is still practiced in the area, and the church tries to step in as much as it can to stop this happening to the girls.


Private Girls School outside Narok

We also had some days treating c11attle and sheep and goats. This is a way the local church can help these people who depend on cattle as their only source of income for their families.


Treating cattle & Sheep

We held a bible study for women on one of the visits, and at that event, we saw a young lady come to faith. Praise the Lord!

We later had the privilege of baptizing 10 people a few days later.


Church Plant​

We had a late night showing of the Jesus Film in the open air of the Masai. We had well over 100 people their listen to the film spoken in the Masai language.

Next Stop Ahero.


Kandaria Secondary School

Towards the last few days, we went north west up towards the equator and lake Victoria. Beautiful but very humid.

​We visited orphanages and schools, in particular Kandaria Secondary school.

The school has been funded by ​Mission International and others over the years.

While we were there we met some 150 pupils, but since then the school has over 200 pupils getting a opportunity to get a better education.