Helmsdale Free Church

"Our Mission is to be followers of Jesus and joyfully share the good news of Jesus Christ with the people of Helmsdale and beyond.”

​Kenya Mission 2016 (2)


It was striking for all of us to stay in Nairobi for a couple of days.

​​We were visiting a church plant in the Kayole area of the city. We were privileged to see what great work Pastor Johnston is doing there.

They have a nursery for pre-school and children who are unable to attend school because of physical deformities. Some as simple as rickets, and other more complex issues.


The children get fed and helped in many areas of their lives. The objective is to try and get them to a place where they can join mainstream education.

It has been amazing to see the success they have had in helping so many children to better lives entirely.

Some of us in the team were there primarily to preach and to teach. Our main focus was on leadership.  

Our efforts, through preaching and teaching were directed towards equipping the leaders to project to their congregation, how to live for the glory of God, and to continue to apply their minds and hearts to the teachings of Scripture.


These guys are all so eager to learn and so open to listening to God's Word. It was a pleasure to meet them and and a privilege to get the chance to teach and preach there.

Paul’s second letter to Timothy was my own personal inspiration and focus for delivering the Lord's message.

Before leaving Nairobi, we were driven passed the infamous Kibera Slum. I say 'driven past' because we were told we were forbidden to enter there.


The previous day, there had been riots and some people had been shot dead.

The slum is massive. It's so big, the authorities have no idea how many people live in there.

All I could say as we passed, was 'WOW...'


After two days we moved West to Narok. ​​One of the typical church plants  is pictured below.​ This now was our main focus. 


And there were several other church plants in the area which is to the north of the Masai Mara. Many Masai tribes continually move around this region with their cattle.

Once again, I have to say what an absolute pleasure it was to be able to preach and to teach these open-hearted, wonderful people.

​Below is picture of Narok Town Church... and it's full up!  We visited and held leadership meetings in all of these church plants.


We also went to the local prison. On entry, we were asked if we had any guns? That sort of caught us of guard a little.​


​​But we were blessed to be allowed to preach to the inmates and some of the prisoners professed faith in Jesus.

Praise the Lord...


(We apologize that some of the pictures aren't good quality)​