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Kenya Mission 2016 (1)


The Kenya Mission was put together by Mission International, based in Dundee, Scotland. They organized our Scottish team of missionaries for their 2016 visit to Kenya.

But ​th​ese web-pages are being written in 2018 - and although most of ​them are devoted to what happened then  - and what has happened since ​the Mission International Team went out there in 2016, it's important to realize that there is another similar team leaving once again to work in Kenya in October 2018. 

And also once again, our minister Rev Roddy (Barvas) Macrae will be there, preaching and teaching God's Word, helping to plant more churches, ​training new ministers and raising funds to improve living conditions for children and adults alike as more and more people come to Jesus.

But more on that ​later.  (Click to skip to 2018 now: click here​​ )​​​

​Now - here is Roddy's narrative...


Hugh Henderson was the 2016 leader.

Hugh is a big man in every sense of the word. He was nicknamed "H​UGE" by all of our Kenyan friends - an affectionate and very apt name for him.

(​Editor's Note: On December 6th 2015, the night I ​was ​reborn, Hugh was sitting quite close to me at the manse in Achnagarron after a communion service in the local church. As I declared myself, Hugh stood up, grabbed me, lifted me clean off my feet and give me ​​a ​huge, rib-cracking; 'Welcome to Jesus' bear-hug I'll never forget).

​Mission International always seeks to find local indigenous groups it can work with and through and the Kenyan group is called “People for Jesus International Ministries."


Pastor Tome Opiyu

​​In Kenya, our group was headed up by Pastor Tome Opiyo, who also leads the church planting network which mainly focuses on rural communities.

Tome Opiyu is a man of many talents. He speaks several languages and does not limit his activities to Kenya, but since our visit has been planting more churches in South Sudan and Tanzania.

His fellow team member, Pastor Johnston is an equally hard worker for the Lord and together these remarkable men joyfully work for the Lord Jesus.

It was such an honour and pleasure to preach alongside them and to listen to their own, very different and fervent brand of preaching.


Pastor Johnson

Many of us from Scotland had never been to Africa. We knew we could expect something from another world. And in so many ways it was.

There are always concerns, as you listen to news broadcasts about terror attacks in Kenya - flooding in Kenya - drought in Kenya - poverty in Kenya - aids in Kenya. The list goes on and on...

Fear of these things can take you captive. And I was taken captive, but not by any of the above.

I was taken captive by the people of Kenya. In particular I was literally captivated by some of the people we were blessed to meet there.

These are truly amazing joy-filled people who are just passionate about the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Amazing, Joy-Filled People