Helmsdale Free Church

"Our Mission is to be followers of Jesus and joyfully share the good news of Jesus Christ with the people of Helmsdale and beyond.”


​How We Got Here......


​After a rather dry spiritual time for both of us, and before we found our home with the congregation in Helmsdale, Rhonda and I decided we needed to set up our own study-group-for-two, first thing every morning in our own home.

Our new routine was to rise early, make coffee and settle down in the porch to spend a little time at the start of each day with the Lord.

And what a huge revelation, and what a profound effect this early morning time had on us as we set out on our personal journey following Him.

And frequently we felt a need to share our discoveries with others, as various passages from the Word, or as a gifted author and commentator moved us.

We feel this wanting to share "good news" is specifically meaningful for new Christians, which is what we are, after both being Saved by Grace just over two years ago.

And it's this desire to share that has led to us writing this account of our journey as proscribed by our Pastor.


Roddy must have gotten really fed-up with our constant emails "sharing" various passages ​with him, almost on a daily basis.

We think that's why he suggested sharing with you too on this website. His logic seems to be, "while they are doing that, I may get a bit of peace from these constant emails ;-)"

So we hope you enjoy what follows in the weeks to come. it is not going to be a theological treatise. It is simply ​the two of us, sharing with you, when and as we are touched by various aspects of our own journey as we follow Him...​

Syd and Rhonda Wyman
Barbaraville, Scotland.

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1. Understanding The Love Of God

2. More On The Love Of God

3. Understanding Our Love For Him

4. What Jesus Taught About Love

5. Hope In This Life

6. Love 3

7. Why Me?

8. The Work that Jesus Did...

9. And What He Did, He Did For Us

10.  An Agape Kind Of Love

11. Understanding God... Just Say "John 3:16"

12. Where did everything come from?...

13. Joy Is Not Optional - Part 1

14. Joy Is Not Optional - Part 2

15. Being Ready

16. The Wedding At Cana